The 3 Kampenlakes in 3 days.


1.5k Thurnbergerstausee (19 degrees Celsius)


The "coolest challenge" awaits you on Friday afternoon, as the water temperatures are sometimes 13 degrees Celsius and the "highest temperatures" are up to 19 degrees Celsius.


Pure nature in the fjord-like waterways of the Thurnberg reservoir with many bends and twists await the swimmers.


If 13 degrees Celsius seem too cold to you, we've come up with something suitable for you, too, with the 1.5km challenge at the Thurnbergerstausee, you can expect optimal water temperature conditions (19 degrees Celsius).


1.5k Thurnbergerlake


Program Sequence

Friday 1st July 2022


Registration from 4 p.m. Race briefing Friday 4.00 p.m. via Facebook Lifestream, questions can be posted. The live streaming can then be called up as a video at any time.


Start Thurnbergerstausee 6 p.m.

Award ceremony: 7:30 p.m. (Thurnbergerstausee)


Registration fee included:

high quality swim cap made of silicone

Starter bag

Route map

Water rescue

Timing Target



Attention: the popular Backwaterman towel can optionally be ordered via the registration system at the special price of 12 € (value 29 €).


Registration fee

                 until 31.12.    until 31.3.     until 15.6.        until competition

25 euros        27 euros       30 euros      35 euros


Combination ticket Sat / Sun (one competition each) -15 €

Combination ticket Fri / Sat / Sun (one competition each) -25 €


Refund upon registration on site


Age groups

General class and sport swimmer (S-class)


Age group age


General class female 1 (W l) 16 to 39

General Class Male 1 (W l) 16 to 39


General class female 1 (W l) 40 to 49

General class Male 1 (W l) 40 to 49


General class female 1 (W l) 50+

General class Male 1 (W l) 50+