Long distance marathon 14 km


The marathon distance has been an international flagship since the beginning and was suspended for 2 years after being held 12 times. For the anniversary there is now a revival for our long distance specialists. The route leads from the Ottenstein boat company to the start of the 7km to Mitterreith and back again.


The unique fjord landscape in the Ottenstein reservoir offers open water swimmers a pure experience of nature. The reservoir is only accessible in a few places and therefore invites you to discover it by boat, canoe and SUP.


Attention: Due to the increased safety requirements, it is mandatory to be accompanied by an e-boat and your own supervisor.

There are 20 e-boats available and can be booked at the special price of € 25. This is already included in the registration price.

The e-boat can be replaced by your own kayak (attention no SUP allowed). This increases our starter capacity. In this case, the e-boat price of € 25 will be refunded upon registration.


Note: For safety reasons, the e-boat may only be escorted from km 1, ie the first headland.

The total limit of the 14 km distance is 20 participants.



The 14 km Backwaterman also counts in the rating system for the International Open Water Majors.


Program Sequence


Friday June 30th 2023


Exhibition stand 16.00-19.00


Race briefing Friday 4 p.m. via Facebook Lifestream, questions can be posted. The live streaming is then available as a video at any time.


Saturday 1st July 2023

Registration: 7.00 am

Start of boat operation 8.00

e-boats can be equipped from 7.45 am.

at km 7 there is a turning buoy or boat that everyone has to report to!

Finish line closes at 1.30 pm


Award ceremony: around 1.30 p.m.




high quality swimming cap made of silicone
Starter bag
Finisher's Cup
water rescue
Food at finish
Route catering on the first part on own initiative
e-boat for a special price of 25 €, this will be refunded if a private kayak is provided.
Please send a separate notification to office@openwaterserie.com by the end of May at the latest, because then the starting position can be increased


Attention: the popular Backwaterman towel can be ordered at the special price of 15 € (value 35 €) via the registration system.


price variations:


 till 31.12.    till 31.3.     till 15.6.      till the event
  85 euros      90 euros       95 euros       100 euros


Combination ticket Sat / Sun (one competition each) -10 €


Everybody is a winner at this distance and receives a trophy at the award ceremony.


Nevertheless the 3 winners will be honored separately.


Age Groups

General Swimmer (A- Class)


Age Classes Age


Junior Class female (F 0) 16 till 39

Junior Class male (M 0) 16 till 39


General Class female 1 (F l) 40 +

General Class male 1 (M l) 40 +


Age Groups

Sport Swimmer (S-Class)


Age Classes Age


Junior Class female (F 0) 16 bis 39

Junior Class male (M 0) 16 bis 39


General Class female 2 (F l) 40 +

General Class male 2 (M l) 40 +