Open Water "Backwaterman"

1./2./3. Juli 2022




Combination ticket Sat / Sun (one competition each) -15 €

Combination ticket Fri / Sat / Sun (one competition each) -25 €


Refund upon registration 


Friday 1st of July


The 3 "Kamplake" challenge in 3 days.


NEW 2.5k Thurnbergsee (13 - 19 degrees Celsius) LINK

NEW 1.5k Thurnbergerstausee (19 degrees Celsius) LINK


The "coldest challenge" awaits you on Friday afternoon, as the water temperatures are sometimes 13 degrees Celsius and the "highest temperatures" are up to 19 degrees Celsius.


The 2.5km start in "Krumau am Kamp" and swim to the Mauer reservoir in Thurnberg, where especially the start is a little colder (13 degrees Celsius).


Pure nature in the fjord-like waterways of the Thurnberg reservoir with many bends and twists await the swimmers.


If 13 degrees Celsius seem too cold to you, we've come up with something suitable for you, too, with the 1.5km challenge at the Thurnbergerstausee, you can expect optimal water temperature conditions (19 degrees Celsius).


Saturday 2. July 2022

Classic Open Water

  7 km open water
 14k open water (double distance) LINK

"The special One" - the classic 7 km from Mitterreith to Ottenstein are a special experience. Arrival by ship or boat. Pure nature in the fjord-like waterways of the Ottensteiner reservoir with many bends and turns, waiting for the swimmers. Orientation is part of mysticism. Simply unique to swim here.
The 14 km marathon distance with start and finish at the Ottenstein boat company is only possible with an individual guide in the e-boat (places are therefore limited to 20).

People's distances

Everyone 750m / Olympic 1500m LINK

Open Water Challenge 3 km
from the devil's rock


In the fjord-like arena between the dam, ruins and castle, 1 - 2 laps (1.5 km -2x 0.75 km) open water experience await you in the lake arena.

The course is fully visible from the terrace of the restaurant - ideal for beginners or short-distance specialists.

3 km challenge
In the afternoon we are now offering you the 3 km boat trip to the Devil's Rock and swimming along the fjord-like bays back to the boat operation. Orientation is something that is required here. The jump from the boat as one of the highlights is included.

Elite sport

Junior OW Cup 750m/1500 m


The best young swimmers stop in the Waldviertel. As part of the "Junior Open Water Cup", the young athletes in 4 different age groups, from 10 to 17 years old, will show what potential they have on different lengths of route.

Sunday 3rd July (morning)

Backwaterman - New Challenge


7 km Dobra sling LINK

3.8 km Dobra sling LINK


For the first time we go to the lower area of the ridge lakes, the Dobra reservoir. This has a river-like character.

The bus takes you to the start at the dam, where you enter and several loops and turns in an increasingly narrow river bed lead to the foot of the 60 m high dam.

There a laabe is waiting in the power plant before the shuttle bus takes you back to the boat operation for the award ceremony.