Open Water competitions at the Ottensteiner Reservoir  2020


Classic Open Water

  7 km open water
+ revival 14k open water (double distance)

"The special One" - the classic 7 km from Mitterreith to Ottenstein are a special experience. Arrival by ship or boat. Pure nature in the fjord-like waterways of the Ottensteiner reservoir with many bends and turns, waiting for the swimmers. Orientation is part of mysticism. Simply unique to swim here.

"for everyone" / Olympic distance

Everyone 750m / Olympic 1500m/Challenge 3000 m 

In the fjord-like arena between dam, ruin and castle, you can expect 1 or 2 laps of Open Water experience. From the terrace of the restaurant, the course is completely visible - ideal for beginners or short-distance specialists.