Rules for wearing the neoprene suit:

Below 18 ° C wearing a wetsuit, as regulated by the FINA, is mandatory. Local conditions (constantly accessible shore, etc.) allow a deviation from this rule, if this is announced by the organizer.


From 24.0 ° C there is absolute neoprene prohibition!


Age groups in 2019, the following age groups apply


General swimmer (A-Class)


               Age group                                  age                  vintage

Junior Class Female (W 0)              16 to 23          1996 - 2003

Junior Class Male (M 0)                   16 to 23          1996 - 2003


General Class Female 1 (W I)        24 to 39           1995 - 1980

General Class Male 1 (M I)             24 to 39           1995 - 1980


Masters Class Female 2 (W II)    40 to 49            1979 - 1970

Masters Class Male 2 (M II)         40 to 49            1979 - 1970


Masters Class Female 3 (W III)   50 to 59            1969 - 1960


Masters Class Male 3 (W III)        50 to 59            1969 - 1960



Master Class Female 4 (W IV)     60+                    1959+

Masters Class Male 4 (M V)         60+                    1959+


Sport swimmer (S-Class)

only 7 km and for club swimmers or ice swimmers


General class M / W 16 to 39 1995 - 1979

Masters class M / W 2 (W II) 40 + 1978 - older


For sport swimmers (S-swimmers):

  • Sport swimmers must swim without Neo regardless of the water temperature. Swimsuits are allowed. Below 18 degrees (similar to FINA) neoplasm exists.
  • The S-Class is reserved for club swimmers or ice swimmers. Enclose OSV license upon registration.
  • Registration takes place at the respective organizer, as separate S-class. In principle, you decide on the first two events for this ranking in the Cup.
  • 2 categories (16-39, 40+) are counted in the cup: 40 + is counted separately if there are more than 5 starters
  • The S-Class starts in its own launch


For the general swimmers the following rules apply:

  • At water temperatures over 24 degrees is Neoprene prohibited, below 18 degrees Neoprene mandatory.
  • Due to specific requirements, specific rules regarding safety may apply depending on the sea / country.
  • The general swimmers are counted as usual in 4 age groups. Individual organizers have also provided a 60 + rating.


Code of Ethics

(Austrian Open Water Cup / Classic Open Water Cup over 7 km)

Since 2016, there is a "code of honor" for the draft swimming!

According to the code of honor, swimmers who spend the majority of the event in the wake of a faster swimmer should leave this 500m from the finish line to overtake or let overtake.

The 500m mark will be marked by a buoy!

This Code will not be reviewed or punished. However, for reasons of fairness, everyone is encouraged to abide by this code of honor.


Attention; This code of honor does not apply to S-Class swimmers, here in principle swims according to FINA rules



  • Organizer: Aqua Sportiv Club, SooM Sport & Management
  • Organization: Allianz4backwaterman
  • Water safety / race direction: Franz Frühauf
  • Doctor: Tbc, an experienced rescue doctor