SwimRun Trial

For our beginners there is 8km on the original route in the heart of the Ottensteiner Arena with the Lichtenfeld ruins and its rock formations.

4 run and 3 swim parts create variety and the structure for an exciting introduction to the SwimRun scene.

Longest swim: 600 m
Longest run 2830 m
Total swim 1740 m
Total: 9 km
Altitude: 543 m



SwimRun Sprint

Here you will find a mix of trial and half marathon that will make you sweat and lead you into the natural beauty of the Waldviertel.

From the heart of the trial with the ruins of Lichtenfels, the sprint route takes you to one of the most beautiful natural parts with a wonderful island, which can be reached by swimming or running depending on the location of the lake, and which includes a long swim.

Longest swim: 960 m
Longest run: 2900 m
Total swim: 3190 m
Total 14.6 km
Altitude: 543 m



SwimRun Half Marathon

Challenging and yet feasible - Individually and as a team, the 22.3 km around the Ottensteiner reservoir and its fjord-like bays can be mastered. The fjords of the Olttensteiner Stausee will be crossed several times.

Longest swim 960 m
Longest run 5100 m

Total swim 4400 m
Total run 19,1 k

Total 23,5 km
Altitude difference: 558 m



SwimRun Marathon

The ultimate challenge over 38,2 km. For team exclusive reserved.


7,3 km swimming and 33,9 km running are on the program. Passing castles, ruins, natural beauties and alternating trails, 810 meters of altitude are covered.


Longest swim 960 m
Longest run 5100 m
Total swim 7.360 m

Total run 33,9 k
Total 38,2 km
Altitude difference: 558 m


The natural paradise around the Ottensteiner Reservoir has been home to the 7km Open Water Classic for 13 years now. The race leads through fjord-like bays, who provide a unique natural scenery for the competition.


 SwimRun competitions over 9 km, 14.6 km, 23.5 km and 38.2 km are held, solo or team, therefore covering anything your heart desires. Waiting for you is a rich sightseeing program with castle Ottenstein, dam wall, ruins Lichtenfeld, castle Dobra, castle Waldreichs that you will pass during your alternating running and swimming sections (depending on the distance).


The water is 20 degrees warm in July and offers ideal conditions for everyone. Come and let yourself be inspired by the unique environment, the fjord-like bays, the memorial fields of the Waldviertel Power Places.

SwimRun - Background


Swimming and running is "IN". It makes sense. Running and swimming are classic sports and especially healthy, easy to exercise and to master by everyone. Even more exciting is the combination in the SwimRun as a new challenge and new opportunity to discover nature.


The essence of SwimRun is following marked trails in nature individually or as a team of two, frequently changing between trail running and open water swimming. As a result, you run and swim in the same outfit- i.e. with neoprene and running shorts. The special feature of the "ÖtillÖ movement" is that you originally mastered the track in a team of two, securing each other, motivating each other and finishing together.Today, there are various distances and even single starts are possible.


This simple concept, originated in Sweden, has been in the last few years especially explosively developed by the ÖtillÖ World Series and Head as a supplier, is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.


In Austria SwimRun finds more and more supporters and has already developed its own scene, which is additionally supported in the Cup Series.


We are also part of the new Austrian SwimRun Major Series.