SwimRun  8/9th of July 2023

The Special One 


Scandinavian landscape meets tradional culture and Austrian hospitality


Registration opens 1.12. 2022



Breaking news




We are proud to host the


  • European Championships Half Distance for teams and solo in 2023 as part of the My SwimRuun Championships.
  • We will also host the European Championships over the marathon distance for the solo competition.




This also requires an accompanying program for us that we will upgrade additionally.




Attention: The half marathon course remains unchanged.


In order to enable the marathon participants to take part, the marathon route is led through the half-marathon finish, where the time is taken (and thus helped to be counted for the championships) and then leads into the extra marathon loop so that the marathon can be finished normally.


This results in a double ranking half and marathon for the marathon starters. The route plans and dates for the marathon will be adapted over the next few days.



Discover the best SwimRun sceneries of Europe 
discover the fjord-like landscape of the Ottenstein reservoir and 'Be a Backwaterman'
Embedded in the Kampseen you can expect unique views of the lake landscape combined with the peace and power of the Waldviertel, 
as well as a varied series of forest and forest paths with trails and nature trails .
The swim offers everything from open water feeling, rocky or sandy exits. Some of the meters in altitude can be managed right after the exits, 
so the running routes are often pleasant to run.
In 2023 we redesigned most of the routes. It begins with a round in the castle park and soon the views of the reservoir open up. 
The swimming portions are shortened and more running portions, which will make the course faster.
Backwaterman - The special one 
4 routes that can all be mastered in a team or solo - Endophine at the finish - promised!



SwimRun Trial

For our beginners there are 10 k on the original route in the heart of the Ottensteiner Arena with the Lichtenfeld ruins and its rock formations.

  5 run and 4 swim parts create variety and the structure for an exciting introduction to the SwimRun scene.

Longest swim: 400 m
Longest run 3000 m
Total swim 1350 m

Total Run: 8600 m
Total: 10 km
Altitude: 200 m



SwimRun Sprint

Here you will find a mix of Swim and Run  that will make you sweat and lead you into the natural beauty of the Waldviertel.

  The sprint route takes you to one of the most beautiful natural parts with a wonderful island, which can be reached by swimming or running depending on the altitude of the lake.

Longest swim: 650 m
Longest run: 3000 m
Total swim: 2200 m

Total Run: 12,7 k
Total 14,9
Altitude: 350 m


SwimRun Half Marathon

Challenging and yet feasible - Individually and as a team, the 24  k around the Ottensteiner reservoir and its fjord-like bays can be mastered.


From the  ruins of Lichtenfels, the fjords of the Olttensteiner Stausee will be crossed several times.

Longest swim 750 m
Longest run 5200 m

Total swim 3300 m
Total run 20,6 k

Total 23,9 km
Altitude difference: 525 m



SwimRun Marathon

The ultimate challenge over 34 k. For team  and Solo


4,8 k swimming and 29,1  k running are on the program dividedin 13 swim und 14 run parts . Passing castles, ruins, natural beauties and alternating trails

650 meters of altitude are covered.


Longest swim 750 m
Longest run 5100 m
Total swim 4800 m

Total run 29,1 k
Total 35 km

Altitude difference: 650 m



Green deal   


Our environment secures our future.




We also want to make our contribution. For years we have been recognized as a particularly sustainable event.   




We are now going one step further and supporting sustainable travel.




We offer a bonus of 10% of the respective entry fee for all those athletes who arrive sustainably (ie in the form of public transport such as train, bus or bicycle).   




This bonus is collected and invested in a sustainable project in the region. This is determined together with the municipality/NÖN.   




Proof is provided on site by means of a ticket etc.   




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New: My SwimRun Championships

Backwaterman SwimRun 


is a Qualifier Event


for Sprint, Halfmarathon and Marathon , Team and Solo

 and in 2023 als the organiser of the Championships Half and Marathon Solo


Your benefits


  • Discover the best SwimRun sceneries of Europe, discover the fjordlike nature of the Ottensteiner lake
  • Championships for different distances apply  better to individual strengths
  • 3 Championships (Marathon, Half Marathon, Sprint) are hold at 3 differents events on a rolling basis
  • Enjoy the different flavour and special culture at different locations from individual organizers
  • Annual ranking of your points you gathered at our qualifier races for sprint, halfmarathon and marathon
  • Enjoy the image status having been qualified for the Championships or your annual ranking


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