• The water temperature

- At the Ottensteiner reservoir is on average at about 20-22 degrees on average (at the lower points below, higher in the shallower bays)

- At the Dobra Reservoir (Marathon Loop) the temperatures can be a few degrees below and often depends on the short term of the cold discharges from the Ottenstein reservoir.

  • Champagne reception on 4 th of July . at 18.00 Castle Ottenstein


All participants of the marathon and half marathon distance are cordially invited

  • Registration: Ottenstein Castle
  • Award ceremony:  Ottenstein Castle
  • Clothes delivery: Ottenstein Castle
  • Finisher board: specific Waldvierter dunning tents, as long as stocks last, knitting pastry, Aquion invigorating water, iso, cola, soup / tea in cold temperatures
  • Road safety:  boats and probably some SUPs ev. Canoes.
  • Cut Off Time: for the marathon distance there are 3 Cut Off Times according to the track details. The maximum time is 8.5 hours.
  • Timekeeping: Timekeeping is done via Race.se using no chips. 


Directions Note:

all rules under the following link