SwimRun Sprint over 7.95 k (Updates November 2019)


The focal point is the Ottenstein Castle, which offers a unique panorama for the start and finish as well as registration, award ceremony and race briefing in a medieval castle.


The participants over the 7.95 km trial distance experience the heart of the Ottensteiner reservoir in the immediate vicinity of the dam. 4 running and 3 swimming sections offer a lot of variety.


Start and finish, in front of Ottenstein Castle, is definitely a unique experience. The nature trails, the ruin Lichtenfeld, some places of power and wonderful views arise on the whole route.


The race starts at 10.30 am with the half marathon starters. The race briefing for the participants will take place at 10 am, however it is recommended to visit the official revenge lettering the evening before at 18.00. The trial and half distance can be tackled individually or as a team.


The trial circuit is part of the marathon and half-marathon route and is expected to provide some encounters with the top stars that come to our participants from the marathon loop at the Dobra Reservoir.


While the trial starters turn back to the castle at the 1st hotspot, the half marathon and the marathon starter go together for the long lap towards Zwettel. Watch out in time for the castle turn, otherwise it can be longer.


Registration fee!


Attention the registration for the SwimRun competitions opens on 1.2.


SwimRun Trial Single

till 28.2.   25 Euro

till 30.4.   30 Euro

till 1.7.       35 Euro

Late registration + 5 Euro


SwimRun Trial Team

till 28.2.  40 Euro

till 30.4.  50 Euro

till 1.7       60 Euro

Late registration + 5 Euro



2019 will be the chip rental and the transfer fees (from the Euro area)

with 5 € included in the price, for greater clarity and simplification

to make sure when registering.


Included in the price:

  • starter bag
  • Finisher medal
  • water rescue
  • Chip timekeeping
  • Meals range

rating classes

1st team
Teams are scored independently of m / w / mixed.

If there are at least 4 teams per category they will be counted separately.

2. single


group age                                              age                    year

general class women (W0)         16 till 39         1980-2003

general class men (W0)               16 till 39         1980-2003


general class women 2 (W l)       40 till 99         1979+

general class men 2 (W l)             40 till 99         1979+



program flow

 Castle of Ottenstein

Saturday, July 6th

Registration: 16.00 - 18.00

Competition meeting (compulsory for half / marathon): 18.00


Sunday, July 7th

Start SR Marathon: at the castle: 9.00

Start SR Half Marathon / Sprint: 10.45

Finish: approx. 11.15 / Sprint / 13.45 (half  marathon/marathon)

Victory ceremony Sprint about 12.45 finish line



HEAD Exhibition 

Restaurant Ottenstein /boats: 

Friday from 4-6 pm

Saturday from 7.30 - 10 am/2 pm


Castle of Ottenstein:

Saturday: 14-7 pm

Sunday from 8 am

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