SwimRun Sprint


The focal point is the Ottenstein Castle, which offers a unique panorama for the start and finish as well as registration, award ceremony.


The participants of the sprint distance experience the heart of the Ottensteiner reservoir in the immediate vicinity of the dam. 5 running and 4 swimming sections offer a lot of variety.


Start and finish in front of Ottenstein Castle is a unique experience. The nature trails, the castles, ruins, some power places, rocky exits and some surprises, as well as wonderful views arise on the whole route.


New in 2020, the ruins Lichtenfels built into the trail route and thus a special experience for our participants.


The race starts at 11.00 am, according to corona rules with 10- 15 sec. rolling starts.  


Attention: According to official government rules there must be at least 2 m distance between all athletes all time (in water and on trails)


The race briefing for the participants will be the evening before at 6 pm via Facebook Livestreaming. Questions can be posted and the video will be available afterwards as a video and is mandatory to watch  concerning all rules and hints.



- The water temperature is at the Ottensteiner reservoir lake experience 20 to 22 degrees. At least 1 week before the competition, there are the latest information and guidelines regarding clothing (neoprene prohibition, etc.)


Marking: unfortunately you have to reckon with people who remove the markings. Because of this, in 2020, more emphasis will be placed on a 3-fold marking with ribbons, floor markings and signs. In addition, a graphic representation of the next route section is available for each route section.


Please be aware of our mandatory rules 



Registration fee!


Attention the registration for the SwimRun competitions opens on 1.1. 2020


SwimRun Sprint Single

till 29.2.   30 Euro

till 15.5.    35 Euro

till 30.6.   40 Euro

Late registration + 5 Euro


SwimRun Sprint Team

till 29.2.  50 Euro

till 15.5.   60 Euro

till 30.6.  70 Euro

Late registration + 5 Euro


Included in the price:

  • starter bag
  • Cost of booking
  • Finisher medal
  • water rescue
  • Timing
  • food at finish


1st team
Teams are scored independently of m / w / mixed.

2. single


age group                                            age                   

general class women (W0)         16 till 39         

general class men (W0)               16 till 39         


general class women 2 (W l)       40 till 99         

general class men 2 (W l)             40 till 99      




Program flow SwimRun competitions

Castle of Ottenstein


Saturday July 4th, 2020

Competition meeting (compulsory for half / marathon): 18.00 

will be conducted as a Facebook live streaming 


Barbecue evening in the castle according to corona rules !


Sunday, July 5th 2020

Start SwimRun Marathon: at the castle: 9.00

Start SwimRun Half Marathon : 10.00


Registration Sprint: 9.30 - 10.30

Start SwimRun Sprint: 11.00

Finish: approx.: 12.00- 12.30


Award ceremony Sprint  13.00, Ottenstein Castle, Courtyard 



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