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18. Backwaterman


Open Water


1./2. Juli 2023

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5. Backwaterman 




8./9. Juli 2023

with European Championships Halfmarathon and Solo Marathon


Registration opens 1.12.2022

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"be  a backwaterman"


 What's new in 2023 in a nutshell 

- The Open Water competitions and SwimRun competitions are only a week apart
and will certainly lure some people to include a training,
relaxation or cultural program during the holiday season and to pay twice as much for the journey 


Open Water 

- The open water competitions take place over 2 days at the Ottenstein reservoir 

- A new 3 km relay will take place on Saturday afternoon,
  which can be subscribed to as a group of 2 or 4 in 750 m laps to attract the public.
  We hope to take into account a social community aspect or club aspect
  and have made the competition very inexpensive.  


with European Championships Halfmarathon (Team and Solo) and Solo Marathon
der My SwimRun Championships Serie 

- For the first time we do not only offer 4 distances,
  but also open for team and solo and all with 2 different age groups 

- We have completely reworked the tracks and enable up to 80% new or track parts
  with new perspectives 

- The marathon distance is reduced to 34 km 

- The swimming portion is generally about 15 %

Attention: in 2023 we are the venue of the 2nd European SwimRun Championships Half Marathon Team and Solo, as well as Marathon Solo


watch out: for this purpose, the marathon loop is also led through the half-marathon goal and thus the marathon starters are also counted in the half-marathon ranking and thus for the European Championships half (applies to the team)


My SwimRun Championships 2023



Backwaterman SwimRun 

is a Qualifier Event

for Sprint, Halfmarathon and Marathon , Team and Solo


in 2023 we organise the European Championships Half Marathon and Solo Marathon


Your benefits

  • Discover the best SwimRun sceneries of Europe
  • Championships for different distances apply  better to individual strengths
  • Enjoy the different flavour and special culture at different locations from individual organizers
  • Annual ranking of your points you gathered at our qualifier races for sprint, halfmarathon and marathon 
  • Enjoy the image status having been qualified for the Championships or your annual ranking

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17 years of tradition
This is the Classic-open-water-long-distance-event with a distinctive flair in fjordlike waters of the Ottenstein reservoir north-west of Vienna.

The Backwaterman Waldviertel is the pioneer of the long distance open water scene since 2006. Jumping from the ship to get to the start of the race is legendary.


In addition to the traditional 7km race, there is also a 750m and 1.500m Open Water competition.

New for the 15th jubilee in 2021, the revival of the traditional 14k-race  will take place  and

a 3k distance is also added. 


Since 2020 an epic  SwimRun competition is offered in this unique nature.

More: SwimRun event!


Enjoy the mystical power places, the innumerable possiblities of nature, pleasure and culture in this Scandinavian-like environment individually to race or as a family getaway.


A region for explorers and ideal conditions to slow down and recharge your batteries is waiting for you, in one of the most beautiful water and valley landscapes in Europe.


Naural experience is waiting for you - Be a BackwaterMan!

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