Welcome to the 15th BackwaterMan Waldviertel 

3th- 5th of July 2020 

attention: we are very optimistic, that according to actual figures and official announcements we will be able to realize our event as planned. Potential restrictions might  be possible. We will know end of April - we will communicate regularly - stay tuned !


Registration SwimRun 

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Backwaterman Teaser 2020 !!

This is the classic open water long distance event with an unmistakable flair in the fjordlike waters of the Ottenstein reservoir north-west of Vienna.


Now new with the SwimRun event!


The Backwaterman Waldviertel is since 2006 the pioneer of the long distance open water scene. Jumping from the ship to get to the start of the race is legendary.



In addition to the traditional 7km race, there is also a 750m and 1500m Open Water competition.

New for the 15th jubilee, the revival of the traditional 14 k will take place. 


Since 2020 an epic  SwimRun competition is offered in this unique nature.


Enjoy the mystical power places, the innumerable possiblities of nature, pleasure and culture in this Scandinavian-like environment individually to race or as a family getaway..


A region for explorers and ideal conditions to slow down and recharge your batteries is waiting for you, in one of the most beautiful water and valley landscapes in Europe