Welcome to the 15th BackwaterMan Waldviertel 

3th- 5th of July 2020 

Dear athletes, 


good news - Small events like ours will  be allowed starting July 1st. This makes the Backwaterman one of the first events, at European level!

Even under these difficult conditions, we strive to organize the events well as possible and,above all,safely. We base our planning on the currently strictest government regulations known to be on the absolute safe side in organizing the event

The original conditionand assumptions of our planning relate to the statement of the Press Conference by Vice-Chancellor Kogler on events on 17.4. and are proved by the regulations of 27th of May to proceed as replaned. 

Quote Sports Minister Kogler: "We want to make it possible, not prevent it. Major,large events are banned until the end of August. Outdoors is more possible than indoor", i.e. small events become possible. "What is not possible: many people, tight standing, but with logic, common sense and personal responsibility some are possible with at least 1m distance"

Meanwhile the regulations has been stated to allow events till 500 people from 1st of July. 


What does this mean for the Backwaterman SwimRun Competition :

In principle, we have enough space for both open water competitions and SwimRun competitions and, above all, scope to design this with reason to secure a minimum distance of 2 m and not to gather too many people in one spot. A rolling start of 15 sec and a new time schedule for all distances at different times will secure safe races with the mandatory distance. 

We are allowed to gather 500 people incl. the helpers and 100 accompanies - whereby this can always be seen per period and area. This means that we can run several smaller competitions at different times throughout the weekend.

We will keep you regularly updated and will bring our homepage to the final status by mid-May.

Current planning status:
SwimRun competitions from July 5
- the competitions are spread overtime

Start procedure: Rollingstart (with 10 - 15 sec. intervals) or wave start depending on the final specifications
- Number/Limit: We limit the number of participants to 100 per competition 

- Marathon route: since we had 95% foreigners last year and there will be travel restrictions, the marathon route will be adapted. 

The first loop of 20km to the Dobra is transferred to the Half-marathon track as a 2nd loop – this also reduces the number of necessary  and can keep the overall number of starters below 100. 
- Registration is time-accelerated (to reduce contact time). One-stop, i.e. only one person with helper, registration or late registration only online, Starterbag is prepared, we have no chips but an app based timekeeping using
- Participants are urged to exercise active caution,
  Goal: short stay, especially for the sprint
- Briefing via podcast /written 3-7 days in advance, race briefing via facebook livestream
- Staff wear protective masks and gloves for meals/handovers
- Final dinner for (half)marathon is regulated according to the general restaurant rules valid at the time of planning and will be possible with outdoor tables in the castle courtyard from 1.30 pm.
- Award ceremony: there is enough space in the castle courtyard

Kind regards,
The team of organizers



Registration SwimRun 

Registration Open Water


Backwaterman Teaser 2020 !!

This is the classic open water long distance event with an unmistakable flair in the fjordlike waters of the Ottenstein reservoir north-west of Vienna.


Now new with the SwimRun event!


The Backwaterman Waldviertel is since 2006 the pioneer of the long distance open water scene. Jumping from the ship to get to the start of the race is legendary.



In addition to the traditional 7km race, there is also a 750m and 1500m Open Water competition.

New for the 15th jubilee, the revival of the traditional 14 k will take place  and a 3 k distance is added. 


Since 2020 an epic  SwimRun competition is offered in this unique nature.


Enjoy the mystical power places, the innumerable possiblities of nature, pleasure and culture in this Scandinavian-like environment individually to race or as a family getaway..


A region for explorers and ideal conditions to slow down and recharge your batteries is waiting for you, in one of the most beautiful water and valley landscapes in Europe