Welcome to the 15th BackwaterMan Waldviertel 

3th- 5th of July 2020 

Registration opens 1.1.2020

Backwaterman Teaser 2020 !!

Latest information

1. Weather / Neoprene situation

Despite the higher location and wooded surroundings, the temperatures at the Ottensteiner reservoir are around 25 - 17 degrees, depending on the bay. The Dobra Reservoir for the SwimRun Marathon is slightly lower. The coming days will be cooler again due to a passing front and currently we expect about 25 degrees outside temperature for the weekend,

Attention SwimRun Marathon, the lower Dobra reservoir is constantly fed by the depth of the Ottensteiner reservoir and is therefore colder, currently the temperatures are 20 degrees, that means

- For Open Water competitions a non-neoprene ban applies from 24.9 degrees, so we will only decide on Friday evening or Saturday morning final

- for SwimRun events apply due to temperatures and z.T. exposed or difficult trails, after consultation with our SwimRun experts, following clothing rules:


- forbidden:

long neoprene suits

suits with more than 4 mm neoprene

fullbody neoprene vest


- allowed:

MY Boost lite - recommended for buoyancy, additional foam possible

Lycra Suits and combinations with foam

My Boost SL or similar suits with thin Neopren panels of max 4 mm thickness on chest and thighs

Neopren Jammer with max. of 6 mm thickness, also in combination with calves

Calves with Neopren/foam and/or Lycra

3/4 Jammer without calves

Tri suits /Lycra combination with jammer and calves

All Suits with neoprene panels which are generally allowed see above must have a front zipper of at least 3/4 of the chest

2nd route - marking

Open Water:

The boat leaves at 9.30 from the jetty of the boat company and the route can be visited.

The track is marked with 4 buoys at the prominent positions. Basically, however, we want to retain the special nature and its requirement and orientation is part of the uniqueness of Backwaterman.

here is the link to the plan for the preview


SwimRun: the routes are very well marked with red / white bands each in view. The beginning of each swim is marked with HEAD beachflags (planned in black) and the end with HEAD beachflags (planned in orange). In addition, helpers from the volunteer fire department are positioned there and at other prominent points.

The route runs mostly on forest roads. Only the first km is on asphalt, in addition there are some trail passages. Nevertheless, the exits / entrances are sometimes very steep, sometimes even rocky. Corresponding trail shoes are recommended.

3. Catering

Open Water: at km 3,5 at Teufelsfelsen("devil rocks"),

the escort boats have water on board if needed and are marked with a flag.


SwimRun: for the marathon there are a total of 10 food stations, for the Half Marathon 6 and the Sprint 2.

A detailed plan (also with the different equipment follows)

4. further informations

For Friday 18.30h a welcome drink on the terrace of the boat company Ottenstein is planned. In the run-up to the event, corresponding material can already be procured at the HEAD stand. All participants of the weekend are welcome.

In addition, there will be a welcome drink for the participants of the SwimRun competitions on Saturday 18h at the race briefing in the "coat of arms hall" of the castle.


Prize money: you can find an overview of HEAD's prize money vouchers for the Open Water competitions below.

For the SWIMRUN competitions, HEAD has provided generous equipment with HEAD travel / bags worth € 5000.

Registration: Opening hours HEAD stand

1. Location Boat operation in front of the registration hut


Friday: from 16 - 19 h



OW registration from 8 h

7.30 - 13 h during boat operation

Location Castle

SwimRun registration

from 16 h at the castle,

Headstand from 16 - 19


Sunday 8.00 - 10.30 am about 15 - 18 h


Changes are reserved until the race briefing.

Start: course map 7km swim

Map for registration SwimRun,

The open water registration is still at the boat company Ottenstein

This is the classic open water long distance event with an unmistakable flair in the fjordlike waters of the Ottenstein reservoir north-west of Vienna.


Now new with the SwimRun event!


The Backwaterman Waldviertel is since 2006 the pioneer of the long distance open water scene. Jumping from the ship to get to the start of the race is legendary.



In addition to the traditional 7km race, there is also a 750m and 1500m Open Water competition.


For the first time in 2019, a SwimRun competition will be offered in this unique nature.


Enjoy the mystical power places, the innumerable possiblities of nature, pleasure and culture in this Scandinavian-like environment individually to race or as a family getaway..


A region for explorers and ideal conditions to slow down and recharge your batteries is waiting for you, in one of the most beautiful water and valley landscapes in Europe