In terms of sustainability, we support public transport.


Austria has a well-developed local transport system and low prices under

this link



you can plan your arrival in detail the fastest times,

depending on the arrival time - connection


from St. Poelten main station 1 hour 14 minutes

from Vienna main station 1 hour 45 min

from Vienna Airport: 2 hours 11 minutes

by car




airport vienna/schwechat 

135km on the S5 and B37 or 150km A21 apporx. 1H30min. drive with a car





airport linz

130km on the A1 or B38; approx. 2h


Our Partnerhotel 2024 - Hotel Faulenzer

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Lakehouse Dobra Link ...

official link of the regional service 

Hotel Schwarz Alm Zwettl +Spa und Wellnesscenter

Almweg 1, 3910 Zwettl Stadt, Austria


Mohnhotel - Bergwirt Schrammel

Moidrams 1, 3910 Zwettl Stadt, Austria



Alpenlandstraße 26, 3910 Zwettl Stadt, Austria


Schlosshotel Rosenau Superior

Schloss Rosenau 1, 3924 Schloss Rosenau, Austria


Friedersbach 53, 3533 Friedersbach, Austria



Kottingnondorf 6, 3920 Grossgerungs, Austria


Haus der Pferde

Langschwarza 46, 3944 Schrems, Austria