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Nicolas Remires, HEAD Coach Team Envol



Train with Envol Swimrun’s race specific training plan during 8 weeks and be ready on the starting line at the Backwaterman swimrun.

Backwaterman Marathon - Trainingsprogram

Backwaterman Halb-Marathon - Trainingsprogram

Backwaterman Sprint - Trainingsprogram


8 weeks training plans for Backwaterman races will start on 26th of July.

These plans are on on our website under the page Training Plan: Link


from 28th of June, we would like to recommend your race participants to do 4 weeks of base/strength training plan.


12 weeks individual coaching with our qualified coach, German speaker and extremely experienced swimrunner, Claudia Hille.

That online individual coaching would start on 28th of June.

Envol Swimrun promotes Swimrun worldwide through a unique set of training programs and events for individuals and corporations. We help people connect with nature and find joy and confidence in movement.

The word itself, “Envol” translates from French to English as “taking flight, taking off”. And that is how we want to make people feel!

 We reduce our impact on the environment in our every-day life and we help clean our planet. Women and men are equally represented in everything we do.

Nicolas Remires is a French swimrun / multi sport athlete and endurance sports coach in Stockholm, Sweden. After obtaining a Master’s Degree at the University of Health and Sports in Font-Romeu, France, Nicolas traveled, lived and raced all over the world, to finally settle in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife.

Envol Swimrun and Team Envol was created in 2016, starting with just a few Personal Coaching clients and a small group of swimrunners training together. Today it is an international company organising popular team building sessions for companies of all sizes through swimrun events and fitness training and a swimrun club with more than 160 members in 23 countries. And it won't stop here!


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