• The water temperature

- At the Ottensteiner reservoir is on average at about 21-24 degrees on average (at the lower points below, higher in the shallower bays)

- At the Dobra Reservoir (Marathon Loop) the temperatures can be a few degrees below and often depends on the short term of the cold discharges from the Ottenstein reservoir.

 (The dobra loop is moved in 2020 to the upper part)


All participants of the marathon and half marathon distance are cordially invited

  • Registration: Ottenstein Castle
  • Award ceremony:  Ottenstein Castle
  • Clothes delivery: Ottenstein Castle
  • Finisher board: specific Waldvierter dunning tents, as long as stocks last, knitting pastry, Aquion invigorating water, iso, cola, soup / tea in cold temperatures
  • Road safety:  boats and probably some e- boats, SUPs .
  • Cut Off Time: for the marathon distance there are 3 Cut Off Times according to the track details. The maximum time is 8.5 hours.
  • Timekeeping: Timekeeping is done via Race.se using no chips. 


Directions Note:

all rules under the following link