Long distance Marathon 14,5 k

Registration from 15th October


The route leads from the bathing meadow near Ottenstein Castle to the start of the 7km to Mitterreith and back again.


The unique fjord landscape in the Ottenstein reservoir offers open water swimmers a pure natural experience.

The reservoir is only accessible in a few places and is therefore ideal for exploring by boat, canoe and SUP.


Attention: In 2024 due to increased demand we will open the distance to 40 starting places . There is no accompaning boat available.


Program Sequence

Friday 21st of June


Registration/collection of starting documents

6.30 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. Waldreichs Castle


Race briefing Friday 5 p.m. via Facebook Lifestream, questions can be posted.

The live streaming can then be accessed as a video at any time.


Saturday June 22nd , 2024

Registration 14 km from 6:30 a.m

(only by arrangement)

GPS castle Waldreichs


Shuttle: 7.00 h from Waldreichs Castle

Start takes place every 30 seconds so that the starters can be briefly introduced


mandatory: At km 7 there is a turning buoy or boat where everyone has to report and the interim time is taken.

Cut off at turning point 7.5 k: 10.45 (3.15 h)


Finish 1:30 p.m

Individual Shuttle back to Waldreichs Castle


Award ceremony: Everyone is a winner and receives a trophy at the award ceremony.

The class winners will be recognized accordingly.


Registration fee



High-quality silicone swimming cap

Starter bag

Finisher Cup

T-shirt/water bottle

Route map

Water rescue


Finish catering

Health service




3 Refreshments on the route: at Teufelsfelsen at approx. km 3.5,

at the turning point km 7.5,

Teufelsfelsen km 11.5



Attention: the popular Backwaterman towel can optionally be ordered via the registration system for a special price of €20 (value €34).


Registration fee !

  until 31.12.    until 15.3.      until 31.5.    until the event
   95 euros       110 euros       125 euros      140 euros


Combination ticket Sat / Sun (SwimRun)

(one competition each) -10 €



Age Groups

General Swimmer (A- Class)


Age Classes Age


Junior Class female (F 0) 16 till 39

Junior Class male (M 0) 16 till 39


General Class female 1 (F l) 40 +

General Class male 1 (M l) 40 +


Age Groups

Sport Swimmer (S-Class)


Age Classes Age


Junior Class female (F 0) 16 bis 39

Junior Class male (M 0) 16 bis 39


General Class female 2 (F l) 40 +

General Class male 2 (M l) 40 +