SwimRun Sprint



The new pivot point is Waldreichs Castle, which offers a unique panorama for the start and finish as well as registration, award ceremony, race briefing and final banquet in a medieval setting.


The route is completely new designed with the first time at the Dobra river.

Start and finish in front of Waldreich Castle are a unique experience. The natural trails, the castles, ruins, some power places, rocky exits and some surprises as well as wonderful views arise along the entire route. 



The Sprint starts at 10:45 am. - together with the Trial


The race briefing  for the participants the evening before at 7 p.m. is mandatory for marathons and half marathons, recommended for sprints and trials in order to be briefed on all rules and instructions. 

(The briefing will then be available as a video).



A total of 2 refreshment points always with water and iso, some carbohydrates, salty pastries will strengthen you accordingly.


food station 1 water and iso

food station  2 full board



- Experience shows that the water temperature at the Dobra the temperature fluctuates between 18 and 22 degrees depending on the swim.

The current information and guidelines regarding clothing will be available at least 1 week before the competition. 


- Marking: unfortunately you always have to expect people who remove route markings. That's why triple marking with tapes, floor markings and signs is increasingly important. In addition, for each route section there is a graphical representation of the next route section.


- Rating classes - in addition to m/f/mixed, there is a split into under 90 and 90 + 


Please be aware of our mandatory rules 




Saturday 22nd June

MyswimShop.de boot all day

General race briefing:  Friday 4 p.m

Questions can be posted, The live stream is then available as a video.


Registration: 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m from

GPS castle Waldreichs

6 pm Birds of prey show

6 pm get-to-gether together

small menu to choose from

6.45 pm. Official Race briefing



Registration 9.45: a.m. to 10:15 a.m

Start  10.45 a.m together with Trial

Finish: from 12.15p.m.

Banquet from 1 p.m. for half marathon and marathon with voucher

Sprint and Trial can buy a buffet voucher for 20 Euro


Award ceremonies: approx. 13.30 p.m. after the last finisher







Registration fee


SwimRun Sprint Single

60,- Euro (until 31.12.)

65,- Euro (until 15.3.)

70,- Euro (until 31.5.)

75,- Euro (until 21st)

from 22nd additonal fee  + 5 Euro per person


SwimRun Sprint Team

100,- Euro (until 31.12.)

110,- Euro (until 15.3.)

120,- Euro (until  31.5.)

130,- Euro (until 21st)

from 22nd additonal fee  + 5 Euro per person


Included in the price:


Starter bag with goodies
Cost of booking
Finisher medal
Award prices
Food on course
Food at finish
Timing service
Water rescue

Health service

free parking

ticket for birds of prey show on saturday



the buffet voucher can be purchased extra for 20 Euro



1. Team
Teams are scored  for male / female / mixed

and their age together

2. Single

 Separated by age group (hereinafter)


                 Age group                                            Age                  

general class women (W0)           16 till 39     

   general class men (W0)                 16 til l39         


   general class women 2 (W l)       40 till 99         

general class men 2 (W l)             40 til l99      



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