SwimRun 23rd  of June 204

The Special One 


  Discover the majesty of Scandinavian landscapes alongside legendary knights



Dear Participants,


We are delighted to welcome a high-caliber and international field of participants, with 25 nations joining us over the weekend.


A week before the Backwaterman, we are pleased to provide you with the latest information to help you prepare.


Key Information


  • All distances will be organized from Schloss Waldreichs.


GPS: https://maps.app.goo.gl/hesMSX37nC87vap59


Registration times are attached.



Current Weather Information

According to our professional weather apps, a front will pass through during the night from Friday to Saturday and is expected to cleared for the weekend.  Pleasant temperatures are expected.

  • Air temperature: Sunday at 9 AM: 17°C, midday: 22 - 25°C
  • Water temperature:
    • Ottensteiner Reservoir: approx. 24 - 25°C
    • Dobra near Dobra ruins: approx. 20 - 21°C
    • Long swim: approx. 21°C at entry, 19°C at exit (Note: In this area, cold water from the dam for energy generation is a factor, causing daily variations)

Attention: Swim Caps

For sustainability reasons, we have started reducing the number of swim caps where possible.

The caps are arrived anyhow we ask people to use their own ones. Just in case we do have caps for you. The Trial will be provided with our caps to distinguish better.


Parking at Schloss Waldreichs

Please use the rear parking lot 2 at the castle. Signs are posted for guidance. The front parking lot is reserved for regular operations at the bird of prey show and the restaurant.



At Schloss Waldreichs, there is a bird of prey show on Saturday at 11 AM, and the birds can also be viewed from 10 AM onwards. The pond hiking trail from the castle is also recommended, where you can explore the natural surroundings of the region.

It is about 1.5 km to the Dobra, and if you have a bike, you can ride along the Dobra to the dam or the ruins of Dobra. The Schlossstüberl at Schloss Waldreichs is very popular and offers affordable options.


Attention: Swim Caps


For sustainability reasons, we have started to reduce the number of swim caps where possible. Unfortunately, due to issues in the Red Sea, a shipment has not yet arrived, and we can only provide swim caps for the trial distance. We ask all other participants to bring their own swim caps.


Equipment Recommendation:


For organizational reasons, we do not have a vendor on-site this year, but we have prepared the appropriate recommendations for you.


If you need anything, you can order the relevant products from LaufSinn.de or makosport.at, and we will bring them to you.


Here is the link to the video from Barbara and Andreas in German:




How to Order:


·       LaufSinn.de


  • Code: msrchamp24
  • The code is valid until 24.6 for the shoes from the blog: https://laufsinn-ulm.de/swimrun_schuhe/
  • bkwtr24: 10% off the entire range, valid until 30.6
  • For delivery to Ottenstein, the last order must be placed by Friday at 12:00 noon.


·       Mako Austria/Germany


  • 10% off the entire range until the end of the year
  • Code: backwaterman24
  • Last order possibility: Mako Wednesday evening





Discover the majesty of Scandinavian landscapes alongside legendary knights




Experience the thrill of our updated event featuring four exciting distances with brand-new course designs (9k, 13k, 24k, 34k).  


Set against the majestic backdrop of Castle Waldreichs, our new event location with registration, start-finish and award ceremony adds a touch of historic charm.  


Step into pure nature yourself in the world of knights with an enchanting atmosphere. When you finish the marathon you will be awarded with an exclusive knighting ceremony.


Join us for an unforgettable sporting adventure, where performance meets the magic of history.


all 4 distances Solo and Team and  2 age groups categories


GPS castle Waldreichs



SwimRun Trial

For our beginners, the program includes 9.3 km in the heart of the Dobra with the Dobra ruins and their winding paths.


6 Run and 5 Swim parts create variety and the structure for an exciting introduction to the SwimRun scene.


Longest swim: 400 m

Longest run 1900 m

Total swim 1,750 m

Total run: 7550 m

Total: 9.3 k

Altitude: 250 m



SwimRun Sprint


Here you will find a mix of trial and half marathon that will make you sweat and take you into the natural beauty of the Waldviertel.
From the heart of the trial with the Dobra ruins, the sprint route takes you to a longer hill section and a longer swim in the beautiful Dobra.
Longest swim: 1100 m Longest run: 4400 m
Total swim: 2200 m
Total run: 10.5 km
Total 12.7 k
Altitude: . 430 m



SwimRun Half Marathon

Challenging and yet doable - the 25 km along the Dobra and at the Ottenstein reservoir and its fjord-like bays can be completed individually or in a team.


The cool rock formations around Lichtenfels Castle are complemented by the solitude of the Waldviertel with its varied landscapes.


The centerpieces are a 150 m hill and the steep climb of 80 m to the Ottenstein reservoir and 30% to the Dobra ruins


Longest swim 1100 m

Longest run 4,400 m

Total swim 3900 m

Total run: 20.1 km

Total 24 k

Altitude:  550 m



SwimRun Marathon

he ultimate challenge. The program includes 6.1 km of swimming and 27.5 km of running.


Ancient castles, ruins, fortresses, natural beauties and alternating trails, almost 700 meters of altitude are conquered.


The centerpiece is a 150 m hill and the steep 80 m climb to the Ottenstein reservoir. and to the Dobra ruins. 12 swimming and 13 running parts provide a lot of variety.


Longest swim 1100 m

Longest run 4,400 m

Total swim 6100 m T

otal run: 27.9 km

Total 34 k

Altitude: 680 m



Backwaterman SwimRun 


is a Qualifier Event


for Sprint, Halfmarathon and Marathon , Team and Solo


Your benefits


  • Discover the best SwimRun sceneries of Europe, discover the fjordlike nature of the Ottensteiner lake
  • Championships for different distances apply  better to individual strengths
  • 3 Championships (Marathon, Half Marathon, Sprint) are hold at 3 differents events on a rolling basis
  • Enjoy the different flavour and special culture at different locations from individual organizers
  • Annual ranking of your points you gathered at our qualifier races for sprint, halfmarathon and marathon
  • Enjoy the image status having been qualified for the Championships or your annual ranking


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Green deal   


Our environment secures our future.




We also want to make our contribution. For years we have been recognized as a particularly sustainable event.   




We are now going one step further and supporting sustainable travel.




We offer a bonus of 10% of the respective entry fee for all those athletes who arrive sustainably (ie in the form of public transport such as train, bus or bicycle).  


This bonus is collected and invested in a sustainable project in the region. This is determined together with the municipality/NÖN.   


Proof is provided on site by means of a ticket etc.  

link to public arrival



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