Trainingspläne von den Profis - SwimRun mit Nicolas Remires , HEADCoach Team Envol

8 Wochen Vorbereitungsprogramm spezifisch für den Backwaterman in Vorbereitung

3 Wochen Trainingspläne gratis , 50 % Membership , discount on individual coaching for our athletes

Be part of a great international team - Team Envol 

- Free three weeks training plan:
Three weeks to get into swimrun and get a start in swimming and running to prepare for some more specific training.
This plan is adapted to everyone who wants to get some ideas about how to train in swimrun. Lots of diversity and variation in the sessions are offered to adapt to most athletes.

- 50% discount on Team Envol Membership:
Join the biggest swimrun international team.
Get a training plan from top coaches, special discounts and access to the Envol community.
Use the code: Membership50Envol2021 on Team Envol membership

- 25% discount on online individual coaching:
A coach just for you.
Envol Swimrun’s long-term personal online coaching package is perfect for those of you who have a big goal or not, far away from your comfort zone or simply want to benefit from efficient coaching over a longer period of time. We will track your progress through regular communication and customize the training plan to your level and goals.
Suitable for athletes of all levels.
Use the code: Envol25onlinecoaching on

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