Open Water "Purzelkamp" 3k

Registration from 15th October


3 k full of open water enjoyment.


In this challenge, both our middle distance swimmers and long distance swimmers get their money's worth. The journey to the start is via bus transfer.


You start between 2 narrow rock walls. The route then leads picturesquely with 2 windings, under the bridge with a view of the Lichtenfels ruins and along the rocks past the boathouse to the bathing meadow at Ottenstein Castle.


There is a shuttle back to the castle.


The 3 km is also part of the Classic Cup



Program information


Friday June 21, 2024

The race briefing will take place on Friday at 5 p.m. via live streaming.

Questions can also be posted here.

The live streaming can then be accessed as a video at any time.


Saturday June 22, 2024:

Adventure Challenge

"Purzelkamp" 3 km



Registration: from approx. 2.15 p.m

(after the award ceremony 2/7k)

Attention: Castle Waldreichs

GPS castle Waldreichs



Timekeeping takes place without a chip using the timekeeping app.

Bus departure: 3 p.m


Start around 3:30 p.m


From the destination at the bathing meadow you will shuttle back individually in small groups to the castle


Award ceremony around 5.30 p.m

Waldreichs Castle



Registration fee 3 km

until 31.12.     until 15.3.     until 31.5.       until 21.6.

55 euros           60 euros      65 euros       75 euros


22.6. + 5 Euro


Attention: places are limited to 50


Combination ticket Sat/Sun swimRun -10 €


Refund upon registration on site



Starter bag

High-quality silicone swimming cap

Bus to the start

Finisher medal


Water rescue

Target catering


Shuttle to the castle


Age Groups 3k Neo class


Junior Class female (F 0) 16 till 23

Junior Class male (M 0) 16 till 23


General Class female 1 (F l) 24 till 39

General Class male 1 (M l) 24 till 39


Master Class female 2 (F ll) 40 till 49

Master Class male 2 (M ll) 40 till 49


Master Class female 3 (F lll) 50 till 59

Master Class male 3 (M lll) 50 till 59


Master Class female 4 (F lll) 60 +

Master Class male 4 (M lll) 60 +