Current Information for Briefing 16th June


We are excited to provide you with the latest information to help you prepare for the Backwaterman event, one week in advance. Please read and follow the instructions carefully. Thank you!

Key Information:

  • All distances will be organized from Schloss Waldreichs.
  • Registration times: below


GPS Location: Link to Schloss Waldreichs

  • For the start of the 7 km and 3 km distances, participants will be shuttled by bus. There are no parking spaces available for companions at these starting points.
  • For the start of the 14 km and 750 m / 1.5 km distances at NMT, participants must travel independently after registration. Parking is limited at these locations.


"Attention: Registration on Friday and races saturday 1,5 k and 750 k.

Please depart using a one-way system, as the road, although it has passing places, only has enough space for one car (see diagram!)."


GPS Location for Badeplatz (FINISHLINE ALL): Link to Badeplatz

Arrival at Badeplatz (Start 14 k, 750m, 1,5 km and finish all):

  • From the Landstraße (country road) from Ottenstein, turn towards Schloss Ottenstein.
  • Continue straight towards the camping site.
  • At the last bend, pass through the barrier and look for parking.
  • The path from the Landstraße will be marked.


Current Weather Information


According to our professional weather apps, a front will pass through during the night from Friday to Saturday and is expected to clear by the start of the 14 km race. Pleasant temperatures are expected.


  • Air temperature: Sunday at 9 AM: 17°C, midday: 22 - 25°C
  • Water temperature: Ottensteiner Reservoir: approx. 24 - 25°C, meaning wetsuits are allowed for 98% of participants.


Important Notice about Swim Caps:

  • For sustainability reasons, we have started to reduce the number of swim caps provided.
  • Due to issues in the Red Sea, our shipment has not arrived yet (with some hope still), and we can only provide swim caps for the 14 km and 3 km distances for differentiation purposes.
  • All other participants are asked to bring their own swim caps, which we can mark with their start number.

Important Notice about Buoys for 14 km, 7 km, and 3 km:

  • Please bring your own buoys. If notified in advance, we can provide rental buoys for 10 euros with a 20 euro deposit.
  • Contact:




Schloss Waldreichs: There are 5 toilets set up in the parking lot. There are no toilets available on the bathing lawn!


Self-Catering for 14 km and 7 km


Both can be handed in at the castle the day before during registration. Due to organizational reasons, it is not possible to hand them in on the race day.


Parking at Schloss Waldreichs


Please use the rear parking lot 2 at the castle. Signs are posted for guidance. The front parking lot is reserved for regular operations at the bird of prey show and the restaurant. Please park in 4 rows.


Parking at the Finish Line


Parking is limited due to space constraints.


For participants with their own transport: Use the parallel parking spaces on the left side of the road and the diagonal parking spaces on the right side.




At Schloss Waldreichs, there is a bird of prey show on Saturday at 11 AM, and the birds can also be viewed from 10 AM onwards. The pond hiking trail from the castle is also recommended, where you can explore the natural surroundings of the region.


It is about 1 - 1.5 km to the Dobra, and if you have a bike, you can ride along the Dobra to the dam or the ruins of Dobra. The Schlossstüberl at Schloss Waldreichs is very popular and offers affordable options.


A shuttle to the finish line is available at 10 AM and back for a handling fee of 5 Euros.



Equipment Recommendations:

  • Due to organizational reasons, we do not have a vendor on-site this year.
  • If you need any gear, you can order from, and we will bring it to you.

How to Order:


  • 10% off the entire range until the end of the year
  • Code: backwaterman24



21st/22nd of June 2024



Discover the mystic and fjordlike nature of lake Ottenstein


Pure nature unfolds in the fjord-like waterways of Lake Ottenstein, lined with numerous bends and twists,                                       waiting to be explored by swimmers.

Orientation becomes a fascinating part of this mystical experience. Swimming here is simply unique.


In 2024, some exciting changes await due to our new headquarters at Waldreichs Castle.


Here are the updates that apply to all routes:

  1. Due to increased tourist flows around the Ottenstein boat operation, we are relocating the swimming event to a quieter part of the lake.

  2. The headquarters, including registration and award ceremonies, will be the enchanting Waldreichs Castle.

  3. Shuttle services for the main competitions of 14 km, 7 km, and 3 km will operate from there to the starting point or from the finish.

  4. From now on, buoy requirements apply to all distances to meet safety standards.

  5. The 14 km event will be conducted without boat escort for the first time, allowing more swimmers to tackle the distance.

Immerse yourself in the renewed swimming experience and enjoy the untouched nature of Lake Ottenstein!


Be a backwaterman 2024 !



GPS Schloss Waldreichs


Saturday 22nd June 2024

Classic Open Water

  7 km classic open water

"The special One" - the classic 7 km from Mitterreith to Ottenstein is a special experience. Pure nature in the fjord-like waterways of the Ottensteiner reservoir with many bends and turns, waiting for the swimmers. Orientation is part of mysticism. Simply unique to swim here
Places are limited to 80
 14k Marathon (double distance)

Due to the high demand, the 14 km marathon distance with start and finish on the bathing meadow near Ottenstein Castle will be swum in 2024 without a compulsory accompanying boat, but with mandatory buoys.


Places are limited to 40


for everyone

  750m / Olympic 1500m


In the fjord-like arena between the dam, ruins and castle, 1 - 2 laps (1.5 km -2x 0.75 km) open water experience await you in the lake arena.

The course is fully visible from the terrace of the restaurant - ideal for beginners or short-distance specialists


Places are limited to 50














Adventure Challenge

 3 k



We offer you a new fjord called Purzelkamp which is seen is the nicest one becaus of his narrowing arms and rocks beside.


Swimming along the fjord-like bays passing the boat operation offers you unique views below the big bridge to the ruines of Lichtenfels.


Enjoy the adventure.


Places are limited to 50










Green deal   


Our environment secures our future.




We also want to make our contribution. For years we have been recognized as a particularly sustainable event.   




We are now going one step further and supporting sustainable travel.




We offer a bonus of 10% of the respective entry fee for all those athletes who arrive sustainably (ie in the form of public transport such as train, bus or bicycle).   




This bonus is collected and invested in a sustainable project in the region. This is determined together with the municipality/NÖN.   




Proof is provided on site by means of a ticket etc.   




link to public arrival