The conditions of participation must be observed!


Each participant agrees to the general terms and conditions such as the processing of data by our processor RaceID!



Important: With the registration and payment of the entry fee, the participant confirms that no doctor has


objection to participation. Participation is at your own risk, there is no legal entitlement,


Claim for damages or the possibility of any claim against the organizer, its employees or others


persons or entities. The instructions of the organizer must be followed. Parents are responsible for their children!


If I participate in the event, I recognize the organizer's exclusion of liability for any damage


kind on. I will neither against the promoters, organizers and sponsors nor against the community, the helpers of


event and/or its representatives assert claims for damages and/or injuries of any kind that I


may arise from participation in the event.



I declare that I have trained sufficiently to participate in this event, that I am physically fit and mine


state of health has been medically confirmed. I understand that I will be disqualified if I put my race number in


change them in any way, make them unrecognizable and follow the instructions of the organizer, their helpers and the


Organizers do not obey.


I agree that the data specified in my registration, which I have in the


Photos, film recordings and radio interviews taken in connection with my participation in the event,


Television, advertising, books, photomechanical reproductions - films, video cassettes, ... - without any right to remuneration


may be used on my part.


(Note according to data protection law: Your data will be saved automatically.)


I agree that my relevant data can be evaluated and published for the purpose of evaluation in various cups in which the backwaterman is part. If necessary, the evaluation will also be carried out by cooperation partners or service providers in addition to RaceID. If I do not agree, I will actively inform the organizer of this.



The Promoter shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person or property, howsoever caused


anyway, to be held accountable. Liability for lost items is not accepted.


The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event in the event of adverse conditions or other unforeseeable events


to postpone or cancel the event.