Status 30.6.
attention: meeting point for friday competition is from 16.30 at Thurnberg Stauseee
Seestrasse 7, Idolsberg
Shuttle to the start for 2,5  km at 17.30

current weather forecast for 1.-3. July:
even if it has more pleasant temperatures than on the plain due to the altitude of 600 - 700 m, around 30 degrees and sunny weather is forecast
Water temperature: The lakes have different temperatures.
Since hot weather without significant cooling is forecast for the next few days, current temperatures will remain as they are. The Thurnbergsee and the Dobra are pleasant to cool even in midsummer due to the power plant and the constantly pumped 4 degrees water
Thurnbergsee: Start 10 - 20 degrees, finish 17 degrees
Ottenstein reservoir: 25,4  degrees
Dobra: start 22 degrees, finish 20 degrees
There is a 50% chance of a neoprene ban, will  be decided until the end of next week.
Neoprene: Currently there is a neoprene ban for Saturday, please find the regulations below
or at the following link
Attention: you can swim up to your ankles with a jammer or tights, even if neoprene is banned, in order to improve your position in the water and thus your safety, only your upper body has to be free.
The other even more professional version: Our equipment partner ( also has enough FINA approved open water suits in their range and is on site. These also offer very good buoyancy due to the thin 2nd skin.
Secure the appropriate equipment in good time from your swimming outfitter or ours,
Covid regulations: currently there are practically no restrictions, except for masks in the health sector. Currently, however, there are increased increases and we ask that you take responsibility for your own immune status and prevention, in any case only to compete if you are healthy.
Live stream: save the date on July 2nd there will be a live stream in cooperation with Sportland NOE. From 7.45 am to approx. 1.00 pm the 14 km and 7 km competition will be streamed on our Backwaterman Facebook page, the moderation will be taken over by Barbara Tesar again. 5 top experts (Angela Maurer, Joerg Wunram, Steffen Hartig, Holger Luening and Stefan Sponer) will contribute their expertise and experiences and thus make the time entertaining.
Latest information: The general Facebook briefing on Friday gives the latest status and current changes and will be carried out on the Facebook page of the International Open Water Majors and then saved on the Facebook Backwaterman page. Individual information will be given in a short race briefing before each event.