Confirmation for participating at the Backwaterman event, Covid-19 regulations:
Before the event, I was expressly informed by the organizer of the possible risk of a Covid-19 infection through possible contact with the people present (team, participants, medical service, water rescue, security and contractual partners).
Knowing this risk, I affirm that I want to participate under these conditions. I consciously and voluntarily take this risk.
I therefore release the organizer and the medical care responsible for the event (DLRG) from any liability for the possible health risk of becoming infected at the event in the current situation of Covid-19 spread. this also applies to any kind of consequential damage in the event of illness.
I continue to assure:

  • I am fully vaccinated or can prove a medical valid negative Corona test which is not older than 36 hours
  • I have no symptoms fever cough runny nose which could indicate corona
  • In the past 14 days, I have not had any contact with anyone with a curve or have stayed in a risk area
  • I will keep a sufficient distance from the people present in accordance with the currently valid rules
  • I will comply with the mask obligation in the area of collection and when using the toilets
  • I have taken note of the special conditions of participation and agree to them. I will follow the instructions of the staff present in this regard.